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Monday, October 21, 2019

Rockford 10 Inch Subwoofer

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my blog. Hope you guys are doing well. In today's blog you will learn about Rockford 10 inch subwoofer. So lets start. 


Rockford is a name of brand that manufactures subwoofer in the market. This brand is well known all over the world. This brand is having position at the top 5 in the market. It is entertaining its customer for more than 40 years. People has a good review on this brand. 


This company was established in 1973 by Jim Fosgate. In the meantime he was working in the garage in Arizona, USA. He realized music and the human ear have different audio properties. Rockford 10 Inch Subwoofer Then he started to make subwoofer and manufactured it on the market and got a great publicity. After that Rockford never looked back. 


These subs has different categories of subwoofer. So you can find out the best match for you and your car. These subs just 10 inch in size. So it will help you when space matters. You will also get different types of subwoofer in different budget so its best when budget is the fact. It has great materials so it is hard. Rockford 10 Inch Subwoofer It also has a tough and rigid cone so its flex resistant and its ready to entertain you for hours. Its sound is clear so you will expertise a great musical moment. 


It will cause you some uncomfortness for a long time of extended play but that is not harmful for the ears. 

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Skar Audio VD-10 D2 Dual 2 800W Max Power

Product Overview

I have bought this product and used it in many ways. Skar Audio VD-10 D2 Dual 2 800W Max Power After reviewing this product i can tell you guys that i’ve experienced a great feelings. When i have bought it, I was thinking that i will have a bad review on it. But when i have used it, i just  changed my mind and i have came with a good feelings. Let’s discuss about it .


It can easily fit in any  types of enclosure like sealed or vented. This is really a good subwoofer. It can just blow your mind away. This can produce a bass that you really like.


>12-Inch Dual 4 ohm Shallow Mount Subwoofer 
>Peak Power: 800 Watts 
>RMS Power: 500 Watts 
>Shallow Mount Design - Mounting Depth: 4. 92" 
>Pressed Paper Cone | Sensitivity: 85.9 dB

Customer Rating:

Has a rating of 4.6 under 107 customer review.

Good: 89.9%

Bad: 10.1%

Monday, April 29, 2019

Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 Review

Those motorist who drives full day and night also they often gets bored. They wants to play music. But they doesn’t gets what they wants. Well today i am here for only those guys. Well guys today i will give you a review about JL Audio 10tw3-d4. But at first please like share and subscribe my blog.  Ok let’s take a look.

High performance cone:

The first thing i have checked is it’s tough cone. Its cone is made of a very tough material. It is made of polypropylene and its design makes it resonance. It is made so that it doesn’t flex even in a high power or during hours of playing.

Cast alloy frame:

Housing of the subwoofer is a cast alloy frame that stands only 3.25 inches tall. It is too compact and stable for the high performance. This increases the lifespan of the sub woofer

Wide power handling range:

This subwoofer has a power of handling 100 to 300 watt of RMS power.  It means this subwoofer can produce a deep accurate and very clear bass notes. So after seeing this we can get that the JL Audio 10tw3-d4. Is really a great music transmission system for cars. So guys what are you waiting for? Just try it out. Please let me know that if you have bought it or not. After buying it please comment a photo of that here, to get an special gift from us. Product link is also given below.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mtx Subwoofer Review

Hello guys how are you doing? I am fine. Long time passed since we have met. Okk today i am here with a new review. It is about
MTX subwoofer .So lets start the discussion. 

The information:

>MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt
>MTX TNE212D 12-Inch 1200W Dual Loaded Subwoofer Box
>MTX Audio T812-44 T8000 Series Subwoofer
>MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer
>MTX Magnum MB210SP Dual 10" Enclosure

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt

This subwoofer is better choice for your car or vehicle. This is a 12 inch dual MTX subwoofer. There is 2 subs and each of them can handle up to 200 watts of RMS power. But this will take some valuable space in your car because of it’s big size. But after hearing it’s sound quality you will don’t have any mind about taking some space, further you’ll love it. You can have this as a medium subwoofer. It was designed without any mistakes. It’s height is 14 inches, width is 29 inches and depth is 13 inches. It’s also heavy at a weight of 30 pound.

MTX TNE212D 12-Inch 1200W Dual Loaded Subwoofer Box

This is a all in one collection. It is enclosed with 2 subs. Each of these sub can handle 400 watt of RMS power. It is also packaged with a 1500 watt amplifier. It has a cone made of mica-injected molded resin. So it stays on size after hours of playing. It is fully enclosed with two 12 inch subs. So you dont need to look for any other things. Just buy this pakage, connect the wires and you are ready to play it and have a next level experience.

MTX Audio T812-44 T8000 Series Subwoofer

This is also a MTX subwoofer which can change the audio system of your car. It’s cone is made with glass fiber that keeps it on shape even during extended play. This cone is tough and heavy so you can play it upto hours without fear of overheating. This subwoofer has  a aluminium basket that can reduce resonance and transform music to superior sound quality. It also has 8AWG compression terminals that simply result to more reliable speaker wire connection, with voice coil wires that can endure extreme playing conditions.With its dual 4-ohm voice coils, this sub is most easy to connect with a mono amplifier.

MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer

This shallow mount subwoofer is about like a big subwoofer. it don’t takes much space in your car. It is a universal powered subwoofer. It’s measure is 22 inches in height 11, inches in width, 11 inches in depth and a little bit heavy at 19.4 pounds in weight. It’s profile will easily fit in under the seats. But you can fit it anywhere you want. This subwoofer can handle 120 watts of clean energy power. This subwoofer gives a tight and clearly notable bass. you’re not really into earth-shaking bass, then this subwoofer is very much recommended for you.

MTX Magnum MB210SP Dual 10" Enclosure

This is a 10 inch subwoofer that can up increase your car audio volume from your current car audio system. It is big on size. Its measure is 32.5 x 15.8 x 16.2 inches and it’s weight is 40 pounds. The Magnum 800 watt mono block amplifier included in this package means you won’t have to under or over drive the subwoofer. Simply find out a speaker wire, amp kit, and you’re ready to roll. If you want a big audio system with high bass on your car then this subwoofer is highly recommended for you.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Rockford Fosgate P3d4 12 Review

Rockford fosgate p3d4 12 review Rockford is a well  known subs making company. It has a experience of making subs for 35 years. So it can be a great choice for your car audio system. So let’s start the discussion.

>Features 2.50 Inch Copper Clad Aluminum Voice Coil

>VAST Vertical Attached Surround For Increased Cone Area; Voice Coil Type : Dual Voice Coil

>Features Flex Fit Basket Design. Dual linear spider with embedded 16 AWG tinsel leads

>Thermal Anodized Aluminum Cone

>600 Watts RMS 1200 Watts Peak Power Rating

>12-inch, dual 4-ohm subwoofer with 1200 watts maximum power handling (600 watts RMS)

>Anodized aluminum cone and dustcap with Rockford "VAST" (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) surround

>High-temp voice coils with spun-laced Nomex re-inforcement collar

>Flex fit basket for slight adjustments when mounted;Cutout Diameter: 11.25 inches. (285 mm) ; Mounting Depth: 6.66 inches. (169.3 mm)

>One-year limited manufacturer's warranty



Rockford is a company that is well known for making subs. This company has a experience of making subs for 35 years. The updated edition of rockford subwoofer is P3 series. It is known for a very punchy bass. But the punchy bass doesn’t harmful for you because it is deep and clearly notable. Beside that, it is also slim in design. So it can be fitted anywhere in the car. So it is recommended for that peoples who loves great bass. Rockford also supplies low profile subs. So it is also recommended for those people who loves solo music.


This product is expensive. So you will have to pay more for this product. Besides it is huge too, so you will have to lose some valuable space of your car too.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

JL Audio 10tw3-d4 Shallow-Mount 10

Hey guys! Whats up? Its Dip Shahriar.  Today I am here with a new subwoofer. Its JL shallow mount subwoofer. I will not long my words. So let’s start.


 >10TW3-D4 - JL Audio 10" Dual 4-Ohm W3 Thin-Line Series Subwoofer

>Power Handling: RMS: 100-400 watts

>Injection molded, mica-filled polypropylene cone

>High-roll rubber surround

>Top-mount depth: 3-1/4"


It’s dimensions are 12.4 inches in height 11.4 inches in height 5.5 inches depth. With this dimensions the sub is capable of projecting clear and accurate bass. This makes the #jl 10tw3 sub a definite car shaker!!! This subwoofers power ranges are 100 to 400 watts. This means the sub is capable of projecting clear and accurate bass. This makes the sub a definite car shaker. It is the most expensive sub from our products. and surely will touch your heart.


The forewarned it is one most expensive sub that amazon sales. So you will have to pay some extra money for this subwoofer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt

Hi guys! Its David Rocco again. Thanks for waiting. But after wait today I’m here with a new product. It’s MTX subwoofer review another MTX subwoofer. I will not increase my words.So let’s start.



>Houses two 12-Inch Terminator subwoofers, TNP212D2, or a vented enclosure

>Ideal solutions for anyone looking to add bass to their vehicle

>Ruggedly constructed using 5/8" MDF and aviation grade black carpet

>5/8" MDF Construction


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